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ABOUT US:  Careers
Hiring Chemist I:
Job responsibility:
⦿ Analyze and perform the chemical custom synthesis methods, develop analytical methods, assign, monitor and manage project orders to labs and partners.
⦾ Analyze and perform synthesis methods of bioactive compounds used for pharmaceutical applications, including novel amines, protected amines, unnatural amino acids, ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, heterocycles and chiral intermediates.
⦾ Develop analytical methods for active pharmaceutical ingredients, identify active pharmaceutical ingredients by using various techniques such as HPLC, NMR, TLC, UV, GC-MS, and IR.
⦾ Assign, monitor and manage project orders to lab and partners.
⦿ Report chemist projects and work with customer services for updating order progress to customers.
⦾ Authorize reports and technical transfers for new or modified products to customer.
⦾ Makes recommendations and process improvements to create new analytical techniques, methods and procedures to assist in analysis, product development and quality control processes.
⦾ Quote price and lead time to customers for catalog products.
⦿ Conducts research into relationships between molecular, chemical, and physical properties of substances and compounds. (15% of her work time)
⦾ Review new publications of pharmaceutical industry;
⦾ Assist in analyzing organic compounds to determine chemical and physical properties.
⦾ Keeps abreast of scientific and competitive information in order to maintain state of the art knowledge in fields associated with new product development activities and propose new products for company.
⦿ Performs special duties upon request.
Job requirement:
Bachelor of chemistry or above. Previous pharmaceutical industry experience is preferred. Responsible and good at communication.
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