1. How do I register?
You must use a company's email address to register. You receive your login information from us.

2. I do not have an account with AstaTech. Can I still place an online order?
Yes. If you do not have an account, simply place the order without filling in the account number field of the order form. A customer service representative will verify your shipping and billing information. A New Customer set up Form may be forwarded to you. Once we receive your completed form, your account will become active and your order will be on its way.

3. I forgot my password. What do I do?
If you forget your password, on the login page, enter your email address and follow the directions for requesting a new password.

4. What payment methods are accepted?
AstaTech currently accepts company checks, EFT payments, and credit cards (MC, VISA, Discovery and AMEX, processing fee's apply).

5. I can't find an item on your website, what can I do?
If you can't find an item, feel free to contact us by email, info@astatechinc.com or by phone: 1-215-785-3197.

6. What if I have a question about my order?
To inquire about a particular order, you can send us an E-mail to sales@astatechinc.com (important: please include your name, account information and your order number) or call us at 1-215-785-3197.

7. Is there anything I can't order online?
Generally you can order anything online that we offer in our catalog. Some items may be subject to back order or subject to minimum order quantities for product scheduling. If there is such a circumstance with your order, we will inform you if it might cause a delay in shipment.

8. How much I would be billed for shipping?
Because shipping costs can vary based on shipping method, product hazard status, product quantity, package weight and destination, your shipping sum cannot be determined in real-time as you place the order.

9. What if an item is not currently in stock when I order it?
If an item is not shown as in stock, you can still place an order. An AstaTech representative will notify you of the lead-time for that item.

10. Can I place an order from anywhere in the world?
Yes. AstaTech will accept orders in all countries.

11. How do I use Product Search?
The Product Search allows you to search the entire AstaTech catalog database using a number of criteria. You can simply enter the information to be searched into the text field.
Catalog Number: If you know the item number of the AstaTech product, simply enter the number.
Name: Enter the key words in the description of the product. The system will search on word fragments. For instance, a search on "Ethyl aceto" will show all results with both words.
CAS (Chemical Abstract Service) Number: The CAS number search allows you to enter the three-part Chemical Abstract Service number.
NOTE: CAS numbers vary in how specifically they define the material. AstaTech makes every effort to provide the most specific CAS number that applies. Where a CAS number is provided for a mixture or solution, it is generally the CAS number of the solute or component referred to in the main label name.
Molecular Formula: The Molecular Formula search allows you to enter the molecular formula for the item you seek.
Structure Search: You can search for an exact structure or a substructure. In order to run structure searching, you have to install JAVA to your PC [Return to top]